My Books: Foster Child / Buddy Foster & Leon Wagener

I was watching Jodie Foster giving a training on film shooting when I remembered the book I had read about her. It was ten years ago. May be more. Searched through my books thinking that this would be a hard job finding the book, But suddenly the book was there shining to be noticed. So all I had to do was to rearead it. Reading it again, made me remember a lot of memories about a young age and my ideas about Jodie Foster.

Jodie Foster’s older brother Buddy Foster had written a partial biography of Jodie with the help of a professional author Leon Wagener. When I read the book, for the first time, I felt sorry for Jodie Foster as I knew that her brother did not get her approval when he was writing the book. And I remember feeling even worse as I found out all the troubles that they, as a family had been through.

So while rereading the book, it was a great surprise to find out that my ideas are quite different now. The change might be related to my age and perception of the world. I still feel sorry for the whole family and what they have been through. But I understand the circumstances better now. Even the motives with which Buddy Foster has written the book are more obvious. So I don’t blame him for revealing the family secrets. This is more like theraphy for his past wounds.

The publication date is March 1998. The contents of the book might be out of date. But still a story is always a story. So it is always worth reading through.

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